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"Abstract thinking is the ability to reflect on events and ideas, and on attributes and relationships separate from the objects that have those attributes or share those relationships. Thus, for example, a concrete thinker can think about this particular rock; a more abstract thinker can think about rocks in general". With that being said...

I use the turbulence of, joy, happiness, forgiveness, redemption, birth and death...things that we all share. In my work emotions act as catalysts to form artistic syntheses in direct and meaningful ways.  My paintings and mixed media compositions use the elements of art, and a life of painting, to form a well seasoned stew that is organized into sometimes raw, sometimes elegant images. For the most part, recognizable objects are stripped from subject matter and only emotion remains as a record, a visual diary of sorts.

Hopefully the result is that my personal visual statements are recognized as universal aesthetic statements shared by the viewers.

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